Running Streak

No, I’m not running for hundreds of days in a row, or even dozens of days, or even a week. I am already training for a marathon. That helps with plenty of lapses in judgment already, nobody needs what I have to offer while actually trying to run for multiple days in a row. I am, however, inspired at the idea of a streak related to running, and so I am going to start compiling essays about my running to celebrate the 14-year anniversary since I began running marathons (NYC Marathon, November 2003). I am going to try to publish an essay a day, for the next month. They might not have polish, that will come later, but they will be about my experiences as a runner–as a young single professional living in NYC running, as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon, as a new mom learning to push a stroller, as someone who has played running tourist in Paris, China, and San Francisco, etc. We will see how many ideas I can compile and write about before the streak comes to an end. Find the series on Medium.

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