What Can I Do For You?

My professional experience has been shaped by more than fifteen years of positions in Public Relations (agency and in-house), social media marketing, blogging, and online media. These positions have been seasoned further by my roles as a mother, military spouse, and distance runner.

I have coordinated a video shoot of a string quartet giving a concert on a street trolley. I’ve climbed into the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree with a photographer from The New York Times. I have launched a Twitter account for a beef jerky brand. The stories I could share are varied to be sure, but have held the common thread of helping me develop a toolkit ready to help your business. I love the energy of putting nearly two decades of professional and personal adventures to work for my clients.

I have established a marketing consultation business that blends storytelling, know-how, and organizational skills to provide:

  • Social Media Marketing and Training
  • Content Creation and Copywriting
  • Media Relations and Executive Speaker Training
  • A Creativity Kickstart Brainstorm