Mud Latte was hatched in a cafe in 2003 as a lifestyle blog featuring the musings of a fresh-faced 20-something PR professional living and working in New York. It housed angsty posts about single life and humorous essays. Eventually New York turned into Seattle (and then Boston, Norfolk, Virginia, Twentynine Palms, California and currently San Diego–Go Navy!), angsty single life turned into happily married life, and full-time PR gave way to stay-at-home parenting, consulting, and writing.

I have worked at Rubenstein Associates in New York, Edelman Public Relations in Seattle, and The Christian Science Monitor in Boston. Click on the LinkedIn button at the bottom of the site to find a full resume.

Through all the changes, Mud Latte as a blog has resurfaced time and again, through Blogger, TextEdit, Tumblr, and other sites. However, more than just a blog, Mud Latte has come to represent a fruitful, interesting, twisty-turny career in public relations, social media marketing, and writing and editing. Visit the What Can I Do For You tab at the top of the page to see what this means for my clients, and the Blog tab to see what this means for my writing.

The name Mud Latte represents two unique elements, messy fun and refined expertise, which best describes what I have to offer.