Over a 30-day period spanning the month of April, I published 20 different essays as part of a writing streak during which I attempted to publish something once a day. Since the last essay of the streak was published at the end of April, I have published ONCE.  Nearly three months have passed and I … Continue reading Streaking

Tuba Lessons

I found an article in the community paper about a Tuba Christmas event happening near our house. I rushed outside and pointed to the paper and screeched to my husband that we must go. There are many reasons for this, the bulk of them which are written about in my latest post. You can find … Continue reading Tuba Lessons


Only after I became a mother in the most basic, literal sense, giving birth to my son and a few years later my daughter, did I dedicate the time needed to realize that raising children represents only a modicum of true mothering. It is a much bigger, holier, metaphysical concept than I give it credit. … Continue reading Mothering

In the moment and in the lifetime – Utah Valley Marathon race report

Author’s Note: There is so much to say about this race, but what follows isn’t exactly a race report in terms of explaining the course or its amenities. What follows is more of an essay about the race experience. If you want to quick race recap, here it is—I highly recommend Utah Valley for its … Continue reading In the moment and in the lifetime – Utah Valley Marathon race report