The big achoo


Hold that thought, we need to go to the potty. Now proceed.


Wait one more second, toy stuck under the couch. Go ahead.


Sorry, wait, just one more interruption. Time for lunch and naps. Without the naps.

Oh forget it.

With few exceptions, when I work at home it feels a bit like a sneeze that never makes it way to the full achoo. It’s an awful feeling, but one I have learned to live with and let melt without locking myself in a closet with the laptop. I shared this insight on Facebook some time ago and was greeted with a resounding “YES!” from the parent folk.

I am grateful for a few things. First, clients that understand that on conference calls they may hear from the one-woman chorus that is my daughter. Second, that there are times when these kids do actually sleep. Which means I work sometimes late into the evening, but I can manage to get to the big sneeze without interruption.

And when that happens, it’s magical.

I know in a relatively short time I will yearn for my kids to be nearby to interrupt my work, so I do my best to drop the laptop, scribble my thought-in-progress on an index card and dive back into Sophie the Giraffe and Lightning McQueen.

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